DIY Pee-Rags

I counted the number of times that I pee everyday at 32 weeks pregnant……21! And that’s on a day that I haven’t been drinking much! After going through packs and packs of TP I realized that I can just take old cloth and cut it to size. Maybe this is TMI but honestly I think that it is important to think about how much toilet paper everyday.

Reasons to Switch to Cloth:

1. Saves Money! We like to buy the organic toilet paper that is better for the environment and it runs about $13 a pack for 12.

2. Better for the environment, keeps my mark on the world out of supporting the harvesting of trees for paper to wipe our butts!

3. It keeps textiles out of landfills. I take holey socks, ripped shirts, torn underwear, worn out pajamas–you name it–and turn them into pieces of cloth instead!

4. No BPA’s on your bum! How is it that BPA and BPS are making their way into these recycled paper products you ask? It comes primarily from something called thermal paper. Thermal paper has been coated with BPA, usually in order to reduce fading, especially when it comes to paper receipts. It’s also found in some newspapers, magazines, tickets, flyers, and so on. As these papers are recycled the BPA they contain can be mixed in with items you certainly don’t want contaminated, such as recycled toilet paper. Using recycled TP means applying an endocrine disruptor and carcinogenic chemical directly to some of your most sensitive areas.

photo 3

Making these cloths are really simple. Take old clean fabric, socks…..tee shirt, flannel, dresses, towels….you can use pretty much anything that suits your comfort fancy.

Cut them into squares and make a special place for the by your toilet. I just lay them on top of the toilet but you could have a special bowl or basket for them.

When you finish put them into another container by the toilet. I prefer a lined box to plastic, something about wet on plastic can mold. I like paper boxes, or cloth lined bins.

Also, I like to add some essential oils to my wipes before use for an extra refreshing touch.

I like to make lots of these (100 +) depending on how much you wash clothes. I just throw them in with the wash. And when the little one comes I plan to use with these cloths for the baby too.


Much Love and Metta,